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Thank you for stopping by our site! It’s always fun to start something new. Maybe you have been a church-goer your entire life and are looking for a new church in town. Or maybe you have been kicking the tires of this whole church thing and are looking for a place where people are real, authentic, and not “perfect,” a place where you simply come and find community with others. This is a place where nobody is perfect and everyone is a work in progress. We would love for you to join us in-person for our GRAND OPENING and together we can start something new! Come join the movement and see for yourself! You won’t want to miss it!
You can expect a friendly and SAFE atmosphere. We have taken extreme measures with sanitation stations throughout the facility as well as enhanced air purification filters. Your safety is a priority.
If you have kids we invite you to check out VILLE KIDS — our action packed kids service that is guaranteed to be CLEAN, SAFE, and FUN!

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12001 Shelbyville Rd
Ste 104
Louisville, Kentucky 40243


502-618-0389 | info@ville.church

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